Denture Costs

DCOF prides itself on providing high quality dentures and partials at an affordable cost. With our on site lab, we are able to control both our costs and the quality of our dentures. Most dental offices in the area do not have anywhere near our expertise with regard to taking care of denture patients. That is just one reason why people drive from all over Greater Cincinnati and beyond to see us making us the Tri-state’s leader in dentures!  Our friendly dentists can discuss with you the best treatment to give you the smile you’ve always wanted.

DCOF offers the following denture options:
Standard, Custom, Premium, Individualized and the NDWP

(See side table for details and pricing)

*Please note that relines and dental extractions are not included in our denture pricing.*

Adjustments include:

Relieving sore areas in the mouth under the denture or partial

Adjusting and balancing occlusion (bite)

Soft temporary relines for immediate dentures for up to 1 year after extractions

Guarantee includes:

Denture tooth repair and/or replacement

Acrylic fracture or breakage

Any other damage caused by normal use

Guarantee DOES NOT include:

Damages due to neglect including but not limited to: Loss, pet damage, natural wear of teeth.

Guarantee will be nullified if self-repair is attempted. Super glue and over the counter repair material make repairing extremely difficult if not impossible.

Failure to have a permanent reline performed within one year following extractions will void any warranties or guarantees included with your denture package. Denture packages do NOT include permanent relines.

We want all of our patients to know…

According to the ADA, “The normal lifetime of dentures is about 5 to 10 years, but this can vary depending on the patient.  It is important to replace worn or ill-fitting dentures before they cause problems. Your dentist will let you know when it is time to reline or replace your dentures.” The American Dental Association also recommends that all denture patients have a soft tissue exam at least once every year. The soft tissue exam includes an oral cancer screening.

Click for pricing below:

(Pricing does not include exam, x-rays, extractions, or relines.)


$295.00 Upper or Lower
$590.00 Complete Set
No adjustments or guarantee
Every adjustment is $65.00


$390.00 Upper or Lower
$730.00 Complete Set
Three adjustments are provided with this denture
No guarantee


$545.00 Upper or Lower
$1,030.00 Complete Set
High quality teeth
Unlimited adjustments for one year
Special cosmetic features (spacing, etc.)
Two year guarantee against breakage or tooth loss


$695.00 Upper or Lower
$1,245.00 Complete Set
The finest teeth
Greater selection of teeth and shades
Feels the most like natural teeth
Ten year guarantee against breakage or tooth loss
Unlimited adjustments


Upper or Lower $1,185.00
Complete Set $2,370.00
Includes two dentures
The first immediate denture includes all the necessary adjustments and temporary liners while you are in the healing process. After healing, you will receive an Individualized denture that includes a 10 year guarantee and unlimited adjustments.


New Partial Wearers Package- $1,185 Includes all necessary adjustments and temporary liners while you are healing and provides you with a second partial after healing is complete.
Cast-frame Partial– $745 All metal framework, more durable. One year guarantee and one year adjustments.
Premium Partial- $620 Partial denture with wire clasps. Highest quality teeth. Unlimited adjustments for one year. Two year guarantee against breakage or tooth loss.
Acrylic Partial – $495 Acrylic with wire clasps. One year guarantee and one year of adjustments.

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