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A few questions people ask us:

What Will Happen at the Checkup?

Most people are familiar with the typical dental checkup visit. Our dental hygienist will clean your teeth, do an evaluation and sometimes take X-rays. Then the dentist will check the X-rays and your teeth for signs of decay, check your gums for changes, and check for signs of oral cancer or other diseases.

What If This Is My First Visit?

A comprehensive exam will likely be done the first time you visit DCOF. Even if you have had regular care elsewhere, our DCOF dentist will want to become familiar with your health. This will allow him or her to notice changes or problems during future visits. We can find out the condition of your teeth to help you have a bright, healthy smile.

Do I Need to Give My Medical History?

Mention everything about your health, even if you don’t think it relates to your mouth. Many diseases can affect your mouth and teeth. Researchers continue to discover how oral health is closely related to overall health. Providing all your relevant medical information to our team will ensure we address your overall health.

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What About Medications?

Bring a list of all medicines you currently are taking including doses. Some medicines cause dry mouth which can increase your risk of cavities. Your dentist will want to be certain any medicine he or she may prescribe will not interfere with any of your current medications.