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Same Day Dentures

What sets us apart from many other dental practices is the fact DCOF has an on-site denture laboratory. Many dental practices in the area have to send their work out to an off-site lab which causes delays in treatment and additional expense. By having our lab here, our dentists can collaborate directly with our lab technicians to ensure the results you want and often allows DCOF to save you both time and money. Having our own lab allows us to quickly get your dentures to you at a reasonable fee, so you can enjoy your smile – often ALL IN A DAY!

Our dedicated lab technicians have years of experience and work very closely with our dentists to produce beautiful dentures. Their expertise is used to create high-quality dentures and partials, perform relines, and repair dentures on-site. DCOF has been the tri-state leader in same day dentures for over 30 years.

How Can Our Fees be So Low?

Having an on-site lab eliminates the mark up charged by an outside commercial lab. By eliminating the “middle man”, DCOF is able to pass along that savings to our patients.